The Orion

The Beast of legend… Hunter to the Gods, answering to no one but themselves….

The Orion is for those who need the extreme. Who need masses of raw gaming power and an exquisite spectacle of lights to accompany it. Designed to be at the cutting edge of modern gaming technology, with the Orion at your side no one can stop you from unleashing your inner beast and dominating the competition.

Extreme Gaming

The Orion is truly an extreme machine. Boasting the latest and greatest the tech industry has to offer these ultra high end components are arranged into a beautiful symphony, all working as one to achieve maximum performance. With all this power the Orion can maintain an above 60fps at ULTRA settings in 1440p on games like Metro Exodus, Anthem and Boderlands 3.  The RTX graphics card means that beautiful real time ray tracing is possible, increasing immersion and giving an ultra realistic feel to environments.

Intel I9 9900K

This 8 core powerhouse comes with 16 threads and an excellent turbo frequency of 5Ghz. Perfect for gaming and for intense workloads. Although this is the 9th Gen and not the latest 10th gen CPU, this chip is as powerful for gaming and has better support for high speed RAM.

RTX 2080 TI

The ultra powerful 2080 TI gives exceptional performance across 1080p, 1440p and even at 4k. Crisp graphics, real time ray tracing and featuring the new Tensor Cores which enable DLSS (a type of AI learning) that helps render more efficiently leading to an increase in frame rates without compromising on fidelity.

ROG Strix Z390-F *

The Z390-F is so jam packed with features, it would be impossible to list them all here. So here's some of our favourite reasons we chose this motherboard for Orion:

tech specs

Corsair Vengeance RGB pro RAM

32Gb of DDR4 running at a extreme speed (3200Mhz) devours even the most extreme games and hardcore multitasking. Plus it has excellent RGB light effects and in a stunning matching white to the case.


2Tb of Samsung's 970 EVO NVMe storage insures lightning fast boot times and enough space for you favourite games as well. Samsung truly are the masters of SSD storage, so we've put in another 2Tb of SATA SSD storage with the 860 EVO. If you want to make the most out of your storage download Samsung Magician!

Thermaltake View 51 Arctic

Featuring 2 RGB 200mm front fans and a rear 120mm RGB fan as well as extra fans installed by us for an excellent air flow configuration. 3 tempered glass panels allow for excellent interior viewing.

Corsair HX1000

Certified 80+ Platinum, this fuly modular power supply features an ultra quiet fan mode, which means under low loads, the PSU fan won't spin until required, keeping your system noise down.


The Orion comes equipped with a high end Corsair H100I Platinum cooler with incredible RGB options and exceptional cooling from its 240mm radiator and twin fans. This is water cooling without the faff of full custom looping.

Expert Support

We hope that you have years of trouble free gaming with your RGBeast product, but just in case something happens you can rest easy knowing we will be on hand to help with repairs, replacements and upgrades. All RGBeast computers come with the standard manufacturer warranty for each individual part.


We’ve used our years of knowledge and expertise to put together what we think is a really well rounded system that offers excellent value for money. That said, we know that this build won’t be perfect for everyone. However we would love to work with you to make you your very own RGBeast, a machine as unique as you are. Whatever your needs, get in touch with us and we will work with you to make your dreams into reality.

Additional RAM

We can add additonal RAM to this build

Larger Harddrive

We can upgrade to a larger capacity HDD or SSD

Need WiFi?

We can find the WiFi Solution for you.


What does it take to build a custom PC?

There are hundreds of questions that you have to answer in order to build the best system you can for your budget and requirements. Having all the answers to these questions usually means hours of research, trawling through reviews or in the worst case learning from mistakes made when actually building the system.

*Please note that none of the RGBeast systems come with WiFi as standard on the Motherboard. If you do require  WiFi then please let us know so we can accommodate this!

IT Consultation

A free, comprehensive IT consultation that lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. During this session, we’ll delve into understanding your unique IT needs and how we can address them. Our goal is to provide you with a clear general overview of your current IT setup and explore effective ways for improvement and implementation. Let us help you enhance your IT environment in a way that best supports your business.