What does it take to build a custom PC?

It's not rocket science. But that doesn't mean it's easy...

Building a custom PC is a really rewarding task, but it isn’t without its own difficulties and nuances (check out the time-lapse of our latest build below!)

We have considerable experience with building custom systems but assembling the product is only part of the picture. You need the knowledge and experience to know which parts are the best fit for what your system needs to achieve. The first thing you should do when deciding to build or order a custom PC is figure out what you need it to do. For example does it need to be able to play the latest games on max settings? Does it need to be able to stream video to external platforms? Does it need to render videos as quickly as possible? Does it need to receive lots of data from the network?

Once you’ve got the answer to that you can move on to picking the parts that you need that fit within the budget you have. Again, it isn’t always straightforward. Within the world of PC components there are hundreds of parts that occupy the same component space. For example do you want an Intel or an AMD cpu? Which is better suited to the work you need your system to do? Do you want an NVIDIA GPU or a Radeon one? Which motherboard chipset is best suited to your needs? 

There are hundreds of questions that you have to answer in order to build the best system you can for your budget and requirements. Having all the answers to these questions usually means hours of research, trawling through reviews or in the worst case learning from mistakes made when actually building the system.

That’s where we come in. As a system integrator we can use all of our knowledge and resources that we’ve accrued over the years to identify, design and build the perfect system for you. Whatever your budget is and whatever you need if for, we love to work with you and build something that’s unique and accomplishes exactly what you need it to.

Recently we had a customer with an old high performance gaming rig come into us. Unfortunately the motherboard in their rig was fried and would no longer boot. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We worked with them to design a new system and within 3 working days they took home a brand new custom computer designed and built by us using the latest components.

The best thing about building a custom computer is that no two builds are the same. Even with all our experience it’s really unlikely that we’ll ever do the same custom build twice. Which means that every build has its own nuances, its own character. It’s one thing to have everything on paper, but figuring out exactly how it all fits together, where to route all the wiring, maximising airflow and cooling is what makes custom PC building so much fun. There’s no better feeling for us than when we’ve finished assembly and it comes to switch the PC on for the first time. Seeing the fans spin up, the RGB lightshow kick off and the BIOS screen flash on the monitor is a great way to see the culmination of all our efforts. 

We love building computers and with working from home becoming the new normal, we’d love to help you upgrade your setup to get the most out of it.

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