Data Recovery

We understand data is important. Photos, documents and finances are all stored digitally.
Computer Medic can help retrieve lost data, The best prevention is a good backup!

Experts working with

Failed Harddrives

We can diagnose and recover failed hard drives from business laptops, desktops & network drives

Deleted file recovery

Our data recovery can help with retrieving deleted files and restore them

Cloud Backup & Restore

Help with your backup & Restore from cloud sources

How does it work?

After discussing your specific needs, we’ll gain a better understanding of the potential for data recovery. We may require your computer system or hard drive at our office. Once we have the device(post or drop off to us), We can start the recovery depending on the specific problem, which may take a few days. Recovered data is returned to you on a memory stick or hard drive.

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Dale Hudson

Since establishing Computer Medic in 2014, my deep-rooted passion for technology, coupled with a love for efficiency, has been the cornerstone of delivering cutting-edge IT solutions. Boasting over 15 years in the field, my primary aim is to enhance the digital experiences of both businesses and individuals. Computer Medic began its journey in Sudbury, a town that has been part of daily life since my youth and has since broadened its services on a global scale. We are experts in all-encompassing IT support, Cloud, Business class email, IT security, website services, and troubleshooting for both Windows and Mac systems. Our dedication lies in tackling IT issues, big or small, to ensure our clients enjoy seamless and secure digital operations.

IT Consultation

A free, comprehensive IT consultation that lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. During this session, we’ll delve into understanding your unique IT needs and how we can address them. Our goal is to provide you with a clear general overview of your current IT setup and explore effective ways for improvement and implementation. Let us help you enhance your IT environment in a way that best supports your business.