Upgrade your old iMac!

Since their appearance in the late 90s, Apple iMacs have always been beautifully made computers. Having taken many apart here, we can vouch for the clever engineering and thought that goes into making them. 

We generally recommend keeping these machines going for longer than you would an average PC computer. iMacs are very expensive to replace so we tend to advise upgrading them, giving our customers’ machines a few more years of useful service. 

Upgrade Harddrive

We upgrade and 'MOT' iMacs in a way that mitigates the chances of a hard drive failure.

Happy you!

Nobody likes using a slow computer. Our iMac upgrades speed things up and improve overall performance.

Cost Effective

Replacing your iMac can cost up to £2000. Upgrading will cost a small fraction of that, helping keep your Mac running for a few more years.

"Since this upgrade, I am certain this iMac will outlast me!"
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iMac Harddrive upgrade


Upgrading price depends on the size of SSD and the data migration. Please fill in the form or call us for more information.

*Prices are estimates



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