Refurbished Mini PC

Our Refurbished mini pc is great for home and office work, with 8GBs of RAM and enough storage to suit your needs. This is a cheaper way to upgrade and replace your old pc.

These computers come with Displayport, HDMI(converter), USB 3 ports, Wifi and Ethernet port. includes power cable.

As a computer repair shop, we have seen many different computer models come and go over the years. But one thing that has become increasingly clear to us is that many customers simply can’t afford to replace their old, broken-down computers with new ones. And that’s where our new stock of refurbished computers comes in.

We understand that some people may hesitate to purchase refurbished products. Still, we want to assure our customers that these computers have been fully tested, cleaned, and updated to ensure they are in top working condition. Plus, because they are smaller and more compact than traditional desktop computers, they are often more affordable, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget.


One of the great things about mini computers is that they are incredibly versatile. They are ideal for home and office use and because they take up less space than traditional desktop computers, they are perfect for those who have limited space in their home or office.

We also understand that many customers may be concerned about the environmental impact of purchasing a new computer. By choosing a refurbished mini computer, customers can help reduce electronic waste and extend the lifespan of a perfectly good device. Additionally, many of our refurbished mini computers come with energy-efficient components, which can help reduce their carbon footprint even further.

Overall, we are thrilled to offer our customers these high-quality refurbished mini computers. Not only do they offer an affordable solution for those in need of a new computer, but they also provide a more sustainable option that can help reduce electronic waste. So if you’re in the market for a new computer, we encourage you to consider a refurbished mini computer and stop by our shop to see our new stock today.

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