MAC Citrix Asking for credentials everytime after installing MDM or changing mac

Macbook certificates can change for numerous reasons such as adding a Macbook to an MDM, Changing a user account, or installing user account tools or keychain access utilities. Citrix secure access keychain access does not like this.

1. Open “Keychain Access” and go to “System”-> “My Certificates” and find your device certificate and expand it.

2. Right-click on the “Key” and select “Get Info”. If you use an MDM this should be your MDM cert, if you have one listed as “Macbook Pro” or similar you might be able to use that.

3. Select the “Access Control” tab.
4. Click on the ‘+ ‘button and select the “Applications” folder in the pop-up and choose Citrix Secure Access.
5. Save changes.

Now try Citrix again and it should work, a reboot should not be required but might be worth trying (after rebooting double check the settings above have applied by repeating the steps but on step 4 check that “Citrix Secure Access” is in the list rather than pressing the + button.

This article is similar to the original citrix info, except this is based around a user certificate not that of an MDM

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