Mobile cant load Cloudflare websites



So a problem I have been having is that any website hosted with would not work when using 4G, A quick test to see if you have the same issue:

  1. Turn off wifi
  2. restart your phone
  3. Open Google Chrome
  4. Type the website
  5. If the website loads, you do not have the same issue
  6. if the website does not load then attempt to visit
  7. If the website loads it is likely you are affected by the same bug, read below for information about how to fix it.
For the slightly more technical other symptoms, The connection will work with any other format except 4G, 3G, H, Wifi, VPN all work correctly. 

How to fix it!

The problem is a corrupted DNS file, The solution for this is to force the phone to completely forget any connections. We must complete the steps below, This means soft cache delete and hard cache delete.


Step 1

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select the three dots in the top right 
  3. select Settings
  4. select site settings
  5. select Storage
  6. select Clear site storage

Step 2

Now we must hard reset the cache, We need to get into the phones recovery mode. Most android phone this is done in the following method.

  1. Turn the phone off
  2. Press and hold the volume down button
  3. At the same time press the power button for 1-5 seconds you should see the phone turn on
  4. Enter your password or pattern
  5. Tap “English
  6. Tap “Wipe cache
  7. Tap “Yes
  8. Restart the phone
  9. Repeat this process once more.

The Result

You can now open Google Chrome and visit

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