Whats inside a computer

What is inside a computer?

Computers are made up of components(parts)! What are those parts you ask? take a look below

CPU(Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is the “brains” of the computer. The central processing unit does all the calculations and handles all of data. Each time the user clicks a key, opens an application or even looks at emails, the CPU reads the code involved and returns the response to the user. The CPU works closely with the rest of the components to complete a task.

RAM(Random Access Memory)

If a computer was a human, RAM would be its short term memory, The amount of RAM in a computer can vary for example most computers in 2019 will have 4GB or 8GB of RAM, When a computer is turned off, anything in the RAM is lost.

Hard Drive

If a computer was human a Hard Drive would be its long term memory, it stores all of your pictures, documents and files as well as windows itself.

Video Card

A Video card is what puts an image onto the screen of your computer, some computers have a “builtin” video card and other computers have an entire extra component dedicated to video this is most common in gaming computers or ones used for digital design(such as CAD drawing)


The Motherboard connects all of the components together none of them can work without it.


You now know the basic components of a computer! see its easy!

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