Easy Books Data Recovery MAC

Easy books is a bit of book keeping software for Apple products (Macbooks, iMacs, etc) however sometimes they go wrong and the data is almost lost, luckily as long as the hard drive is healthy the data can be recovered.

Depending on how the application was installed will change where the data is stored. Firstly dismantle the Macbook and remove the Hard Drive from the computer (depending on the mac it might be a 2.5 inch or a m.2 drive) plug the drive into another computer, if it is a windows computer you will need some software to enable you to view the drive.

Once you can see the files on the drive navigate to the following folder: 

“Library/containers/uk.co.geode.easybooks/Data/Library/Application Support/Easy Books”

If this folder does not exist it is likely the app was installed directly from the website. In this case navigate to this folder:

“Library/Application Support/Easy Books”

Copy all of the data in that folder. 

Install Easy Books onto your new mac (or at least a working mac) now copy the data into the same folder on the working computer! 

Reboot Easy Books and it will pick up that data!

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