Sibelious 7.5 – Windows installer error

Sibelious 7.5 or 7.5.1 has issues installing into Windows 10. We have recently solved this issue for a customer who had struggled for a few weeks attempting to resolve some issues.

The primary problem is the following:
1) Finish Windows updates
When Windows installer is “busy” doing other tasks (windows updates or installing other programs) it is unable to install Sibelious as it has other things it wants to do first! As a result, the Sibelious installer will fail with an error.

2) Disable Anti-Virus
Antivirus software may cause Sibelious not to install. Try Disabling the anti-virus until you can confirm it is not the cause of the issue.

3) Check if your username!
Check if your username has a space in it. Sibelious 7.5 cannot install to users with a space as it uses the temp file path to install. The are a few methods to get around this:
A) Add a new user without a space and install Sibelious with that user
B) Change your Temp path Variable Instructions here

4) Copy CD to C:\
If installing from a CD, right click your CD drive and select ‘Explore’. Then copy everything to a folder on the computer, you will need to have ‘show hidden files’ enabled follow this for details. Select the correct video for your version of windows.

5) Restart the computer
After completing the above steps reboot the computer and try installing again, if you continue to have issues please contact us on 01787 209 003 and we can get this booked in for a repair.

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