Compare The RGBeast Range

The RGBeast range is tailored to fit every gaming need, from the budget conscious looking for best bang for buck, to the high end content creators who need every watt of power COMPARE THE RANGE The Hunter For those starting their adventures £ 599 99* from CPU – AMD Ryzen 3 3200G GPU – Radeon […]

Free Google Home Mini if you had a Google One

Free Google Home Mini if you have Google One! This morning I woke up to a lovely message from Google offering me a Google Home Mini for FREE! Thinking its too good to be true I clicked on it,  lo and behold it actually took me to the official Google Store! I followed through the […]

Windows 10 Bug in update slows computers worldwide

Windows 10 Update slows computers around the world The update is called Windows 10 KB4512941 and is alleged to make some people’s CPU run wild, meaning their whole system slows down. problem lies with Cortana – Microsoft’s voice assistant. ‘I just installed KB4512941 and now Windows Search is broke and Cortana process in taskmanager takes […]

Do I need Anti-Virus?

Do I need an Anti-Virus? We get asked this question every day and the true answer is in 99% of cases a yes. Why do I need an Anti-Virus? Even if you only visit safe websites (for example your bank) hackers find vulnerabilities in computers, The older your computer and copy of windows the more […]

IT Consultation

A free, comprehensive IT consultation that lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. During this session, we’ll delve into understanding your unique IT needs and how we can address them. Our goal is to provide you with a clear general overview of your current IT setup and explore effective ways for improvement and implementation. Let us help you enhance your IT environment in a way that best supports your business.