Do I need an Anti-Virus

We get asked this question every day and the true answer is in 99% of cases a Yes.

Why do I need an Anti-Virus

Even if you only visit safe websites (for example your bank) Hackers find vulnerabilities in computers, The older your computer and copy of windows the more likely hackers can break into it. Every day more and more ways into a computer are found these are called “Exploits”. They do not require you to click on any links or go to any dodgy websites. They can simply infect your computer because it is turned on and connected to the internet.

How does an Anti-Virus protect me from this?

Anti-Virus company’s have staff searching the internet for new virus’s and new “exploits” trying to find them, then they update their software daily to keep you as safe as possible. Although occasionally some can slip through the net you are alot safer with an Anti-Virus.

How can Computer Medic help?

If you already have a virus and need it removed Computer Medic can run virus removal tools and help rid you off any virus you may have However if you do not have a virus we can help protect you by suggesting or installing a secure antivirus for less than £35 a year.


Virus Removal

We can come to your location(within a few miles of Sudbury) and pick up your computer. We then take it to our workshop and conduct a full virus check and system check. Our pick up and drop off service is free and you will only be charged £40 per hour. (*please note this excludes parts). To arrange this please call us on 01787 209003 or use our contact form Here

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Since opening we have helped thousands of customers get computers repaired and keep them safe in future online activities. We pride ourselves on fixing issues permanently without the need for return visits. Computer Repair starts from just £40!.

Our customers enjoy recommendations from great suppliers such as Lenovo, Eset and Dell. Ensuring you have lasting quality products. Although our services are local to Sudbury we also serve surrounding areas and villages such as long melford, clare, wormingford, bures and many more.

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