About Web Hosting

We offer a fully managed web hosting service for small businesses if you want us to take the stress out of your website!


A web host is the place a website is stored on the internet. If your website was a house it would be its physical location.
A Domain is the address that you would give people to find your house.
Managed web hosting (like we offer) would be the property manager or handyman keeping it all runnig nicely.


Google and other search engines rate your website by many factors such as Speed, Keywords, How many images you use, how many words, good grammar, mobile compatibility and much more. 
This means that web hosting can become complex. 

Let’s take a look at whats important to your website and where you might start or improve your website.


Speed is very important to your website both to get and keep visitors on your website. If a website fails to load in under 3.5 seconds the majority of mobile users will leave the website before it loads, so its extremely important the website loads in a timely manor. Google rates your website based on speed if your Web hosting. company’s like ours offer services to speed up websites or provide a fully managed option for wordpress websites


We understand whats important to business emails, making sure emails are delivered and not blocked, return to sender or undelivered. The are many ways of handling email such as Office 365 or G suite. Make sure to discuss email options with your web host.


Make sure the best mail system is in place

Spam Detection

Keep your inbox clean


Make your mark on emails


When your email or website is misbehaving suddendly the web host support will be really important. All Web hosts will offer support but its important to know how quick and personal that support is, many of the cheaper hosts will offer support 24/7 however its all via a web portal that does not allow you to chase the problem and can sit in a support queue for a long time. If your web host has a support phone number this is more more reassuring as you can call them whenever needed.


Hackers attempt to gain access to websites every single day. Security should be high on your web host priority list. We have stopped over 20,000 attacks on websites we store in just the last 24 hours(04/06/2020). Ensure the web host takes regular backups and can advise you on security.


Take a look at our web hosting 


Once we set it up, Just let us run it


Free Daily backups of your website


Mail help and support


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We Diagnose and Support

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