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Computer Virus Removal

Computer Medic are experts at computer virus removal. Removing Harmful and Malicious programs from your computer.

We have removed over 50,000 computer virus s in the last two years. Almost every system in the world is infected by software that can steal your identity and bank details without you ever knowing.

Malicious programs can also do things like watch your webcam or screen without you knowing or access all your photos and videos.

So help keep your Details, Bank account, Children and Computer safe by having a Virus removal service now. We offer three main services for virus removal.

Remote One time Virus Removal

Remote Virus removal is quick and easy, it allows us to clean your system remotely without even needing to physically be with your computer.  We email an invoice across to you allowing you to pay online via credit/debit card or via PayPal then we email a link to you that allows us to control your screen and fix the problem whilst you watch! We then do all the required security checks and clean your system. This is charged at a flat rate of just £25.

On Site Virus Removal

We visit your location and spend time at your property repairing your system.  We remove all signs of virus’s and this method is charged per hour, it can be paid via debit or credit card or cash. To arrange this please email us on [email protected] or call us on 01787 209003. Rates are charged at £30 per hour and we cover areas within several miles of Sudbury and Great Cornard.

Off site Virus Removal

We come to your location and pick up your computer, we then take it to our office and conduct a full virus check and system check. Our pick up and drop off service is free and you will only be charged a flat rate of £30 no matter how long it takes to clean your system. (*please note this excludes any parts if your system is faulty). To arrange this please email us on [email protected] or call us on 01787 209003






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